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The Wynnefield Residents Association is an organization of persons living in the Wynnefield area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania bounded as follows:

Beginning at a point on City Avenue at its intersection with Drexel Road thence southeastwardly on Drexel Road (including the east and west sides thereof) to Upland Way (including the east and west sides thereof) to its intersection with Malvern Avenue and thence continuing southwestwardly to a point on the east side of  the Main Line tracks of Amtrak (Formerly the Pennsylvania Railroad), thence continuing southeastwardly along the side of said tracks and then eastwardly on a line passing under the south side of Oxford Street to the intersection of the said line with the west side or Parkside Avenue; thence northwardly on Parkside Avenue (including the east and west sides thereof) to its intersection with Belmont Avenue: thence continuing northwardly along Belmont Avenue to a point where said Belmont Avenue intersects the northern perimeter or the Carlene Apartments; thence continuing northwestwardly along said perimeter line (including the Bala Golf Course) until its intersection with the west side of Conshohocken Avenue; thence continuing on said side or Conshohocken Avenue to its intersection with the south side or City Avenue; thence continuing on said side of City Avenue in a southwestwardly direction to its intersection with Drexel Road, the first-named place and point of beginning.


Stanton W. Kratzok, Esq., founder of the WRA, recognized the need for a civic association with a non-political foundation to put the proper pressure on government authorities and to maintain unity and pride in the neighborhood.  The WRA was instrumental in the passage of Philadelphia City Council ordinances against the unethical real estate practices that had caused panic selling.  We have also championed zoning ordinances which have maintained Wynnefield as primarily a single-family residential neighborhood.  WRA has also established numerous community programs, including anti-drug rallies and seminars, distribution of food baskets for the needy, summer camps, community watch groups and the Wynnefield Day celebration. WRA also publishes it own quarterly newsletter, The Wynnefield “FOCUS”.

The Corporation is incorporated exclusively for the following charitable, educational and scientific purposes:

- improving the social economic and physical well-being of Wynnefield and all its residents

- to maintain and improve the community

- to promote within the community:  public health, safety and welfare, public improvements,

  cultural activities, recreation, community affairs and education,

- to safeguard the community in matters of: zoning,  traffic, transportation, disaster preparedness

- to serve in any other manner possible for the interest of the community

- to cooperate with similar organizations in the Greater Philadelphia area.

Next Year WRA will be celebrating 50 years of service to the residents of Wynnefield. That makes us one of the oldest on-going civic groups in the City of Philadelphia, and we have a proud record of service.  The strength of WRA is a result of the continued participation of our members and neighbors. Many of the problems and concerns that confront our community have been resolved or reduced to a minimum due to the activities of WRA.  We continue to strive to preserve Wynnefield as a very desirable residential area.


Any person residing in or operating a business within the boundaries interested in the

purposes of this association is eligible for membership upon payment of dues. Application can be found

at the John Anderson Cultural Center or from WRA director.

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