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Corresponding Secretary

Sonji Carey

Sonji Carey is serving as the WRA's Corresponding Secretary. 

Executive Vice President


Dee is a native of Wynnefield since 1971. Dee began her working career in the legal field and is a Certified Paralegal. After 30 years of legal work experience, Dee transitioned and currently works in the healthcare and education industries. Dee volunteers on various Community Neighborhood Boards throughout Philadelphia and has a passion for serving.  

First Vice President


William Butts has been a Wynnefield resident all of his life. He is the owner and operator of Wynnefield’s renowned Butts Barbershop.  He takes deep pride in the growth of his neighborhood which is why he is, not only, the Vice President of Wynnefield Resident Association, he is also the founder and President of Wynnefield Business Association. William is known for collaborating his business savvy techniques with his community engaging passion, to ensure the success of his neighborhood and business. Will is not the ordinary business owner. He believes that providing the kids’ activities, as well as, a local mentor will encourage them to want more and to be more.

Second Vice President


Tammy Curry moved to Wynnefield in 2008 and soon after she was inspired to become a community leader and joined the team as a block captain. Presently, Tammy also serves on the executive board team with the WRA and Friends of Triangle Park. Tammy believes we can all come together for a safer, cleaner and more beautiful community.



Rev. R. Percell (Bob) James, Sr has been a resident of Wynnefield since 1969. He is Treasurer of the Wynnefield Residents Association and Founder/Executive Director of MENTORING MEN MINISTRIES. Rev. James' primary mission is to daily serve the Wynnefield community galvanizing older men to model manhood to our Fatherless youth. Community leaders, Father-Figures and stakeholders who care to share their life wisdom instructing young men teach them how to comprehend our historic racial challenges in overcoming the complexities and inconsistencies in modern cultural attitudes.

Financial Secretary


Gwen is currently the Recording Financial Secretary for Wynnefield Residents Association and has held this position since 2016.  Gwen has been a resident of Wynnefield for 45 years.  She is also the President of Friends of Triangle Park, a community organization.  Gwen also volunteers for AARP Pennsylvania Chapter serving at events such as the Philadelphia Flower Show.  Since retiring from Duane Morris Law Firm five years ago, she enjoys doing volunteer work, crocheting, jewelry making, and projects on her Cricut machine which are some of her many hobbies.

Recording Secretary


Tia is currently serving as the WRA's Recording Secretary.


Crystal Morris

Crystal Morris enjoys a successful career as an investment coach & Managing Broker of Butler Morris Properties which works to develop housing opportunities for underserved populations throughout the Greater Philadelphia area. A longtime Wynnefield resident, she is active in the community, volunteering at a local school developing programming to increase community engagement as well as teaching financial discipline & wealth management skills to non-traditional populations.


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